The Difference Between a Lack-of-Skill Interview and a Lack-of-Skill Hearing and What These Processes Mean to Your California Driving Privileges

One of the most frightening non-criminal bureaucratic actions the state can impose against you is the suspension of your driver’s license. That suspension may affect not only your sense of personal freedom but your very livelihood. If you find yourself facing a possible loss of your California driver’s license based upon a “lack of skill” suspension, you should be aware that there can be several steps to the process, which means that you have several opportunities to present information that may help you avoid this kind of license suspension. To work toward avoiding this suspension, it is important to understand the difference between a lack-of-skill interview as opposed to a lack-of-skill hearing, and how you need to handle each type of event. As with any type of situation that may impact your continued ability to drive legally, make sure you’ve retained an experienced San Francisco DMV defense attorney to give you the advice you need.

As noted above, an interview is very distinct from a hearing. The interview phase takes place near the beginning of a lack-of-skill case. One mistake that too many people make is that they fail to appreciate the seriousness of a loss-of-skill interview. They do not recognize the risks facing them and walk into the interview ill-prepared. These unprepared drivers may not be ready for the questions they get from the hearing officer and, due to that lack of preparation and knowledge, do not know how to respond properly to the questions they’re asked. When that happens, this interview process may go badly and be enough to lead the DMV to issue a suspension.

If the DMV does suspend your license after the interview phase, then the hearing phase may follow. To get your case to a hearing, though, you have to act properly and quickly. You must make a valid request and get the hearing scheduled within 14 days. At your hearing, the outcome you’re looking for is a reversal of that suspension of your license. To get that outcome, it once again (just as in the interview phase) comes down to solid preparation and giving the hearing officer what he/she needs to hear/see in order to determine that you are, in fact, safe to drive.

Our experienced team of DMV defense professionals has been through the process countless times. We know what the officer will be searching for and we know the information and responses the officer wants to see or hear in order to decide in your favor. Whether you need to “win” at the interview phase or at the hearing phase, the key is being fully prepared and armed with knowledge. If you are equipped with the right amount and right type of preparation, you can succeed and continue to stay legal behind the wheel. To help you get that preparation you need, reach out to the skilled the San Francisco DMV defense professionals at Uthman Law Office right away. Attorney David Uthman has over 20 years of experience as a litigation attorney and almost a decade of experience as a police officer. We know the law, we know the process and we know what it takes for you to get the results you need. Call us today at (415) 556-9200 to schedule your FREE initial consultation.

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