What is a ‘Special Instruction Permit’ in California and How Can This Permit Option Potentially Help Me?

Everyone who has gone through the (often stressful) process of obtaining a driver’s license knows “the drill.” You have to pass a written test and you must also pass a “behind the wheel” exam to get your license. What’s more, you may have to take (and pass) one or both again if you’ve had problems behind the wheel and been referred to the DMV for supplemental testing. Many people are able to pass these tests on the first or second attempt. However, what do you do if you find yourself struggling with the road test? If you cannot pass this behind-the-wheel test, even after multiple tries, should you just give up and accept that you will be unable to drive legally? No, you should not. You still have options. To learn more about ways to deal with your struggles with your driving test, contact a knowledgeable San Francisco DMV defense attorney right away to learn how you may be able to drive going forward.

There are actually several ways that you can be referred to the DMV for a Supplemental Driving Performance Evaluation (SDPE). You may have been involved in a traffic violation, traffic accident or unsafe driving observed by a law enforcement officer, or you may have been referred by a medical provider. (Doctors are required to inform the DMV about any conditions that could impact a driver’s ability to drive safely.)

As you can see from these descriptions, seniors can be one group that is particularly susceptible to being referred to the DMV for supplemental testing. Even an ordinary accident may trigger a referral if you’re a senior and you were legally to blame for the accident. Also, if you experienced a major medical event, that illness alone could lead to the referral.

If you are having problems passing your SDPE, a “special instruction permit” may be one viable and preferable option as opposed to having your driving privileges suspended. With this permit, you can continue to drive legally, as long as you have a licensed California driver (age 18 or older) or a licensed driving instructor in the vehicle with you.

Whether it is the process of obtaining a special instruction permit after suffering multiple failed drive tests (and avoiding a license suspension,) or it is the process of turning the special instruction permit you currently hold into unrestricted driving privileges, we are here to help. If you’ve failed the drive test several times, you need to know the correct way to go about getting a special instruction permit so that you can stay on the road legally, and we have the tools to aid with that. Likewise, you need to be sure you know the correct way to turn your special instruction permit into a regular license. Knowing the precisely correct way to go about doing these things is very important in order to be sure that you can avoid a loss of your driving privileges.

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