The California DMV Has Suspended My License. What Options Do I Have to Get Back on the Road?

Whether you are facing a potential suspension of your driver’s license or have already had your license suspended, you may have options available to you to get your driving privileges back. The keys to success are to make sure you take all of the proper steps and do them within the appropriate timeframe. To ensure that you are availing yourself to all the avenues out there for you, retain the services of a knowledgeable San Francisco DMV attorney.

While it primarily focused upon the legal action pursued by a motorcyclist injured in an accident with an elderly driver, a recent case originating in Sonoma County also offers a real-life illustration of the license suspension and reinstatement process.

The plaintiff was Alan, whose motorcycle was struck by Elsie in 2013. Elsie was 89 when she was issued a driver’s license in 2009. In March 2011, Elsie had an accident in which she hit a parked car several times. Based upon that incident, the local police recommended that Elsie undergo regular reexamination by the DMV. In Elsie’s case, that meant that she was required to take a written test, a road test and have her vision screened. She passed the written test and doctors concluded that, other than some macular degeneration that affected her night driving, she could see well enough to drive.

Elsie, however, missed her road test appointment. When you are facing circumstances like Elsie’s, it is important to be sure you are complying with all the requirements. For Elise, her no-show led to the suspension of her license. Nine months later, Elsie caused an accident by making an unsafe left turn. She injured her ankle in the accident.

Due to the ankle injury, Elsie had to wait to take her road test. By that time, more than six months had passed, so she had to update her vision and medical evaluations. (Note that all of this could have been avoided if she had attended the first appointment and passed her road test).

Two months later, Elsie took the driving test and failed. Still, all was not lost. She re-took her driving test two months later and passed. Her vision checked out at 20/25 in both eyes without correction. Based on all that, the DMV lifted the suspension. For the next 10 months, she had a clean driving record until the crash with the motorcyclist.

The story of Elsie’s license demonstrates that, in most situations, there are options available to you, even after you’ve incurred a license suspension. Whether you’ve suffered a suspension due to a DUI, negligent operator status or some other basis, the best way to ensure that you get your driving privileges back quickly is to work with experienced counsel. To increase the odds in your favor, consult the San Francisco DMV professionals at Uthman Law Office. Attorney David Uthman has over 20 years of experience as a litigation attorney and almost a decade of experience as a police officer. Put our team’s knowledge of the law and the system to work for you. Call us today at (415) 556-9200 to schedule your FREE initial consultation to get the help you need.

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